Environmental Policy of Kroonpress AS

Our quality management system complies with the ISO 9001 framework.
100% of our purchased energy comes from renewable sources. Kroonpress AS undertakes to:

  • Follow the principles of continuous improvement of the environment by evaluating the environmental impact of its activities on a regular basis and preventing and reducing the environmental effects of significant hazardous factors;
  • Use all available preventive measures at its disposal to avoid or minimise the risk of pollution and possible accidents;
  • Evaluate on equal terms with other considerations, such as price, cost-effectiveness or productivity, the possible environmental impact of all new technologies, equipment or materials considered for implementation;
  • Be guided in its activities by the principle of reusability and prefer the use of energy-conserving work procedures and environmentally friendly technologies; if products are equal with respect to their price, quality and function, we choose the more environmentally friendly product;
  • Comply with applicable laws, directives and regulations that require attainment of permits as well as with other environmental regulatory documentation;
  • Develop products and processes that reduce the load on the environment by avoiding or reducing pollution and using resources economically;
  • Train its employees so that they recognise the environmental impact of their work and act responsibly towards the environment and their fellow workers;
  • Carry out an open and reliable information exchange with surrounding residents, authorities and other associated groups;
  • Engage in cooperation with other businesses and organisations and in so doing guarantee that Kroonpress AS is able to achieve its goals and to advocate an environmentally friendly lifestyle;
  • Ensure that all employees have a common goal to create and maintain a good working environment. The goal is to prevent health disorders and occupational accidents as well as to create a pleasant working environment. In addition, every employee is responsible for the workplace security and health of their fellow workers;
  • Make the environmental policy of Kroonpress AS publicly accessible on the internet, on the websites of Kroonpress AS. Kroonpress notifies its partners of its environmental policy and environmental goals;
  • Guarantee the availability of the resources necessary for implementation of its environmental policy and environmental management plan by including such resources in its annual budget;
  • Notify the Kroonpress organisation of its Environmental Policy, which takes place through the training of employees.