Correct prepress operations are crucial for producing high-quality publications because they ensure that the final product is visually appealing, accurate, and error-free. Prepress involves several activities such as layout, image processing, and colour management that prepare a document for printing. Proper pre-press operations will improve the quality and professionalism of the publication, leading to a positive perception of its content and brand.

Moreover, proper prepress operations may also prevent costly reprints and wasted resources. We can guarantee the highest quality only if you follow the requirements provided by our instructions. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you with support and further advice.

Please read here the Technical requirements for design and files.

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Technical requirements

Design requirements

Advice for bleeds, placing of design elements and texts etc.

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We provide technical requirements including guidelines for bleed margins, cutting margins and the layout of design elements. Depending on the binding type of magazines – glue or wire bound – there are specific requirements and instructions for overprint and trapping techniques. Additionally, we provide recommendations for line graphics, texts and images.

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Postpress recommendations

Advice for colours, pictures, varnishes etc.

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The recommendations cover guidelines for designs to ensure accurate reproduction in print including information on colour profiles, metallic and fluorescent colors, use of black, black and white vector objects, raster reproduction, image resolution, digital upscaling, perforation, punches, numbers and barcodes, designing with foil etc.

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Technical requirements for print files

File formats and recommended colour profiles

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These guidelines provide help for the final steps while preparing PDF files for printing, including advice about which standards to use, designing of cover pages and recommendations for file names.

Here you can find colour profiles for different paper types: please follow this link.

Read more: Technical requirements for design and files.