We are specialised in the production of magazines, catalogues, newspapers and other large-volume advertising products. We offer a complete range of printing services from pre-press and repro to printing, finishing and shipping by highly skilled professionals.

How we work

  • 1. Prepress
  • 2. Printing
  • 3. Finishing
  • 4. Packaging
  • 5. Transport

1. Prepress

The first step in printing is to ensure correct prepress operations are carried out in order to prepare digital files for printing. It involves tasks such as checking colours, proofreading and making sure everything is properly formatted. The final stage is the production of heatset and sheet-fed plates.

2. Printing

Kroonpress offers various printing technologies depending on the specific product. Customers can choose from offset printing for sheet-fed or web-fed and digital printing. Our our state-of-the-art machinery is capable of handling large volume printing, allowing us to efficiently produce high-quality prints in a timely manner.

3. Finishing

Finishing is the final step in the printing process, and it adds the perfect touch to the product. Options such as lamination, varnishing, and UV coating can enhance the visual appeal and durability of the prints. We offer a variety of binding methods suitable for different products. Additionally, we provide addressing, inserting, and other finishing services to meet all your printing needs.

4. Packaging

The packaging is important to ensure that the prints are protected during transportation and storage. The packaging options may vary depending on the specific product and customer requirements be they bundles, boxes or pallets. The items can be packed individually, or multiple items shipped together.

5. Transport

Transport is equally important as good packing in ensuring that the printed products are delivered to the customers in a timely and safe manner. As an export company, we have curated a network of reliable logistic partners over the years to ensure the efficient and reliable delivery to various destinations in Europe.


Depending on the printing machine, the specific prepress activities may be different, but the goal is always the same: to make sure the final product looks great. To produce heatset and sheet-fed plates we use Apogee Prepress software and plate printers implementing thermotechnology made by AGFA-Gevaert. Two large-format plate printers Avalon (plate size VLF) ensure due production of printing plates in case of possible failures. For colour proofing we use three EPSON large format printers and for imposition proofing a Canon digital press. All colour proofs are measured and conformity to the standard profiles is checked with specific software.

As the name assumes, Coldset printing is a type of offset printing where the ink is absorbed by the paper to dry, without the need for heat. This type of printing is mostly used for newspapers and other publications that require fast turnaround times. We use Coldset press Goss Universal 45, a high-capacity printing machine that produces large volume prints quickly and efficiently. We can print up to 16 and 40 pages at a time, depending on the configuration of the machine. This newspaper press consists of 5 colour towers and one of the sections is adapted for heatset printing. This enables us also offer a hybrid product – combined printing on newsprint and coated paper.

Differently from the Coldset, the Heatset printing requires dryers to evaporate the solvents and set the ink. Heatset printers are mostly used to print high-quality, high-volume products such as magazines, catalogues, advertising inserts and large format products. This printing type enables sharper and more vibrant colours and permits printing on coated papers. Our most powerful heatset press, the KBA Compacta 618, allows printing up to 48 pages at a time. We also use a Heidelberg Harris M600, a web offset printing machine which is known for its reliability and precision.

For sheet-fed printing we use the 8-colour KBA Rapida. It is a high-performance offset printing press that is designed for printing on both sides of the paper in a single pass. Equipped with advanced automation and control systems ensures high-quality and efficient printing. This machine is known for its versatility, as it can handle a wide range of substrates and printing applications, including packaging. Additionally, various coating options like aqueous coating and UV coating are available.

We offer a range of finishing options including varnishing (UV or water based), foiling, lamination, folding, perforation. Online stitching and trimming, gluing and perfect binding. Inkjet addressing and single copy wrapping, machines equipped with inkjet. Inserting: automatically with stitching lines, single copy wrapping machines or manually. Overall, the finishing process provides the final touches to the product to ensure that it meets the quality standards and customer expectations.

Choose your carbon footprint

Long before sustainability was an everyday topic, already in 2011 Kroonpress developed a cradle-to-gate life cycle carbon footprint online platform Each print gets its own subpage where the CO2 emissions by grams per product are indicated with detailed information about how it divides between the materials used, energy consumption and transportation. Since the beginning we’ve issued millions of copies of magazines and commercial prints with Greenline Print label.