Checking Total Ink Sum / Total Area Coverage

Checking Total Area Coverage
(with Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro)

Acrobat Pro has the function to check total area coverage (total ink coverage) built into its Output Preview function. This can be used to check whether there is too much ink build-up on the press sheets.

Select ‘Output Preview’ in the ‘Advanced’ menu in ‘Print Production’option and then input an appropriate value in the ‘Total Area Coverage’ field at the bottom of the Output Preview window. After selecting the ‘Total Area Coverage’ option it will highlight with green or red all the areas in the page where the total ink coverage exceeds the value you input.

There are suggested total ink coverage values for different paper types – 240% for newsprint paper, 280% for uncoated paper, 300% for LWC- or SC-paper and 330% for multi-coated glossy paper.

11.06.2008 – Elari Kingo, Kroonpress AS

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