Overprint Preview

Configuring settings of Acrobat and Reader

Whether you are using Acrobat or Reader, you’ll want to confgure it before you check overprints. Both new Adobe Reader and Acrobat have the ability to show overprints.


In Acrobat latest versions, access the Preferences menu, select Page Display from the left hand side and check Overprint Preview.

  • Preferences -> Page Display -> Overprint Preview

Acrobat reader

The screen shot below is from Adobe Reader which confgures a bit differently. In latest versions it’s still under Page Display in Preferences, but you can choose when you want overprints turned on – we suggest “Always.”

  • Preferences -> Page Display -> Use Overprint Preview -> Always

Check overprint settings of Acrobat Pro

You can check correct settings with test file (VIGC)



  • Inproper PDF viewer or wrong settings of overprint preview can display a 'print ready' PDF the incorrect way: some elements might be shown incorrectly.


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