InDesign - Create outlines

Converting Type to Shapes

Sometimes there are problems that arise with type that can make it difficult or impossible to duplicate the designer's intended appearance. There might be technical problems or licensing restrictions which prevent the fonts from being copied and distributed. It is then advisable to convert the type to shapes in the copy. This will ensure that the type will appear just as you intend. Be very careful to archive your original version because the text will no longer be editable because it is no longer type. It is a beneficial practice to duplicate the text and leave it in the white space outside of the Artboard for reference or later editing possibilities.

For each page in the copied file do the following:

  1. Menu > Edit > Select All
  2. Menu > Type > Create Outlines

  3. Repeat this for each document page.
  4. Save file.

After you have repeated this for each document page and saved this copy you will now have two files, one with editable type and a second with no editable type. However, this second document will not make any problems for print correctly.

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