Apogee WA: Help

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you’re experiencing any difficulties using the system.
Our goal is to make it as simple and straight-forward as possible.

Once logged in to Apogee Portal, all help topics may be accessed.

Self-service: Start New Job

Introduction: http://www.kroonpress.eu/wa-start-new-job
nstruction on A4 PDF: link

Self-service: versioning Covers


File name convention .

File name conventions for Apogee Portal: File naming rules

Solutions for common problems

Two-page cover pages are doubled in Apgee Portal PageMaster - avoid two-page covers, use single-page layout (correct, wrong)

Apogee Preflight report message "Objects in registration color are found within TrimBox" - fix in Acrobat Professional with Preflight fixup called "Convert registration color to CMYK black only", which converts registration colour to black (follow guide at forums.adobe.com or download fixup file).

Automated file uploading

Uploading files to FTP drop-in folder

Start New Job in Apogee WA

Guide PDF