FTP instructions

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If you do not have any FTP application in your computer,
please try our
DROPBOX web page.

Here are instructions for sending files via FTP transfer to private folders on the Kroonpress FTP server.

Before uploading

There are three basic steps that need to be followed:

  • Prepare your files (see our technical requirements)
  • Send your files with FTP application,
  • Notify us that your files have been sent.

Preparing and naming of files

The recommended PDF file name contains reference to product name and page numbers in particular file. Good file names are «product_001.pdf» or «product_001-016» or «product_001_NEW.pdf». Bad file name is «NEW_advertisement_12,30 final.pdf»). 

The PDF files do not need to be compressed (to ZIP) because it has it's own built-in compression.

Once the files have been correctly named you are ready to send them to our FTP server.

Kroonpress FTP server

You need an FTP application for connecting with our FTP server. There are lot of free applications around and we recommend CyberduckFetch, Transmit or WS-FTP

Host name:


Username and password: please contact our sales department to get username and password
E-mail: order at kroonpress ee

  • Once again: If you do not have FTP application in your computer, please use our DROPBOX web page.

Notify us

Send us an email stating that you have successfully completed uploading your files.

If you have problems with our FTP server...

Server refuses access -
ry to make sure that you entered all data correctly. Follow the next sample.

Cannot upload via browser -
Apple Mac OS X 10.2 or Later: Cannot Copy to FTP Servers in the Finder You can use the Connect To Server command to connect to an FTP server in the Finder, but you will have read-only access. You cannot copy, or upload, to an FTP volume in the Finder.
Please use FTP client program or our dropbox page.

Access is denied -
All FTP users can create, write and read files or directories, but are not able to delete and overwrite (resume) files or directories. If your connection was lost and the file in our FTP server mains truncated, then you need to rename your file before the sending it us again.

Slow traffic or connection lost -
Do not send many PDF files at the same time. You will not win extra time (actually the benefit is not so big) when you send many files at a time. But in case, when you have many opened connections, there is a bigger possibility to get broken connections, when traffic is temporarily slow.
Best solution is to make the sending queue and to allow the FTP application to send one file at a time