The Triple Bottom Line

In its activities, Kroonpress Ltd. is aware of its responsibility for the three pillars of sustainability - environment, society and the economy.  These are practiced through management principles (ISO 14001), adhering to strict national and European regulations, voluntary ecolabelling schemes (EU Ecolabel, Nordic Ecolabel, PEFC, FSC), creating added value through increased greenhouse gas reporting and labelling (Greenline Print), executing company activities that increase social cohesion, and implementing environmentally friendly practices and technologies. Every level of the organisation has been assigned its environmental rights and duties.

One of the goals of Kroonpress is a systematic application and implementation of such products and procedures that decrease the pollution of the living environment and the number of health risk factors. Kroonpress adheres to the requirements laid down by the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, the sustainable forestry standards PEFC & FSC, and the environmental criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

Kroonpress Ltd issues annual Sustainability Reports, which can be found here.

Environmental policy:

Kroonpress Ltd.:

  • Follows the principles of continuous improvement of the environment by evaluating the environmental impact of its activities on a regular basis, by preventing and reducing the environmental effects of significant hazardous factors.
  • Uses all available preventive measures at its disposal to avoid or minimize the risk of pollution and possible accidents.
  • Evaluates on equal terms with other considerations, such as price, cost-effectiveness, or productivity, the possible environmental impact of all new technologies, equipment, or materials that are considered for implementation.
  • Is guided in its activities by the principle of reusability and prefers the use of energy conserving work procedures and environment-friendly technologies; if products are equal with respect to their price, quality, and function, we choose the more environment-friendly product.
  • Complies with applicable laws, directives, and regulations that require attainment of permits, as well as with other environmental regulatory documentation.
  • Develops products and processes that reduce the load on the environment by avoiding or reducing pollution and by using resources economically.
  • Trains its employees so that they recognize the environmental impact of their work and act responsibly towards the environment and fellow workers.
  • Carries out an open and reliable information exchange with surrounding residents, authorities, and other associated groups.
  • Engages in cooperation with other businesses and organizations and in so doing guarantees that Kroonpress Ltd. is able to achieve its goals and to advocate an environment-friendly lifestyle.
  • All employees have a common goal to create and maintain a good working environment. The goal is to prevent health disorders and occupational accidents, as well as to create a pleasant working environment. In addition, every employee is responsible for the workplace security and health of fellow workers.
  • The environmental policy of Kroonpress Ltd. is publicly accessible on the Internet, at the website of Kroonpress Ltd. Kroonpress notifies its partners of its environmental policy and environmental goals.
  • Revision and possible amendment of the Environmental Policy takes place during annual management revisions.
  • Kroonpress guarantees the availability of resources necessary for implementation of its environmental policy and environmental management plan by including such resources in its annual budget.
  • Notification of Kroonpress organisation of its Environmental Policy takes place through the training of employees.