How to send files with Kroonpress Dropbox

Logging in

  • LOG IN with account info what you got from our Sales Manager.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer then you may have to add site name before username.

Choosing the files

  • ADD FILES to the upload queue with "Add files" button.

  • Preffered file format is PDF/X-1a (see requirements of files)
  • Max size of upload file is 300 MBHere is the guide how to split too large PDF. 
  • In latest version of "Safari" the upload limit is 65 MB - please use another web browser

Sending/uploading the files

  • START UPLOAD with "Start Upload" button.

  • When upload status stays 1% too long time - please restart your web browser .
  • If you are using Firefox and see "File extension error" - please use another web browser.
  • WHILE UPLOADING do not leave page before upload is finished (upload status should be 100%).

Checking the files

  • AFTER UPLOADING view your uploaded files with "View uploaded files" button.

  • Compare the sizes of the files in your computer and in our server.

Is it working correctly?

  • The normal look of working Dropbox should look like this: