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Learn how to download and install ICC profiles.

Installing ICC profile on Mac OS X

In Mac OSX Lion, you can change the permissions on the Mac HD/Library/ColorSync folder and then the Mac HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder for Everyone to Read/Write to be able install ICC profiles into the MacHD/ColorSync/Library/Profiles folder.

Place ICC profile file into the following directory:

Main HD > Library > ColorSync > Profiles

Installing ICC profile on Windows

Right-click on the profile and select Install Profile. It’s that easy. ICC profile file will then be copied into preffered folder:

C Drive > System32 > spool > drivers > Color

Installing ICC profile for Adobe CS

If you’re using Adobe CS, you can also place the profile in the preferred directory for Adobe applications. Placing the profile here makes using it more convenient because it will appear near the top of the profiles list inside Adobe applications:

Mac: Main HD > Library > ColorSync > Profiles > Recommended
Win: C Drive > Program Files > Common > Adobe > Color > Profiles > Recommended

You now have ICC profile available to use in your image workflow.

List of ICC profile for download