When designing a document in your layout application it is important to make sure preparing it correctly. Here is a check list of items to review your document before creating your final PDFs.

Please check the following items before sending out PDF files:

Common problems encountered in prepress:

Use Acrobat tool "Output Preview" (Preview - Separations - Total Area Coverage).

NOTE: We always stop all exessive ink problems – for checking or for fixing. No automated preflight is able to decide error by object size – so it stops all PDFs. In printing only the objects with size bigger than 2 cm are risky – these should definitely be fixed. Thin lines or small shadows are not ricky so these released after checking. Finding out is it the minor or mayor problem is time-consuming human job. If there is lot of jobs per day then the queue can be long. Therefore it is the best solution when uploaded files were checked and corrected before sending.

Use Acrobat tool "Output Preview" (Preview - Color warnings - Warnings - Rich Black). Or use this.

Please check the following items when reviewing the printers proof:

Proofing Checklist

A "Printer’s proof" is a ultimate preview of your press-ready file, allowing you to examine and confirm layout, text and content before your order is printed. We rely on your thorough inspection of proofs to detect and correct errors. While we do our best to ensure that every project is done right, only you can make sure all the elements are in place. Print professionals are still only human. We do sometimes make mistakes or miss ones in your the original material you submit. That’s why proofing is a vital part of the printing process.

Once you have signed of on a final proof, you are giving us authorization to print. After you have given us the approval to proceed, we will not re-print for any error you did not notice. Please Note: We will not proceed to print without your written approval of the final proof(s) provided by us.

Because creating a new proofs can create additional work for your graphic designer as well as the printer, it is important to note that changes and/or corrections you make to the project during the proof stage normally will incur additional fees to your final cost. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Sales Manager for more information.

The following is a list of items to double check on printer's proof before authorizing the job to be printed.

Proof Checklist

Congratulations! You’ve taken steps to ensure that you are sending error-free, press-ready files to printer. While this list isn’t all-inclusive, following these simple steps will certainly decrease any chance of something going wrong with your files.

Digital colour proofs

We can print out calibrated colour proofs according to colour profile of your printing paper (colour profile of paper is used). Color proof isn’t like final product, this is only for checking colors. These are separate sheets. It isn’t stitched, it isn’t in final size, just sheets.

Product dummy

We do not create product dummies.